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Ambient Light The natural light in a particular scene, such as daylight or room lighting. Angle Of View Term used to describe how much a lens ‘sees’. Measured in degrees. Aperture The variable opening inside the lens, which regulates the intensity of light striking the image sensor. Measured in f-stops, the lower the number the larger the aperture. A side-effect of altering the aperture is the change in depth of field, which declines as the aperture opens wider. Backlighting Term used to describe shooting towards the light, so your subject is lit from behind. Backlight Compensation A control on some digital cameras that adjusts the exposure for subjects that might otherwise be silhouetted against a bright light source. Bounce Flash Technique used to improve the quality of light from a portable flashgun. The light is bounced off a wall, ceiling or reflector so it is softened and spread before reaching the subject. Brightness Range The difference in brightness, often measured in stops, between the highlights and shadows in a scene. Buffer A memory reservoir built into digital cameras that stores the photos before they are written to the memory card. Cable Release An accessory which allows you to trip your camera’s shutter release without touching it. This helps to prevent camera shake and means you can take pictures with long exposures easier. Compact Flash Card A common type of digital camera memory card. Contrast The difference between the darkest and lightest areas in a photograph. Cropping Method of reducing the size of an image to improve the composition. Depth Of Field The distance between the nearest and farthest points. The DOF varies with the lens aperture, focal length and distance to subject. Exposure The total amount of light allowed to fall on a digital camera’s sensor during the process of taking a photograph. F-stop The ratio of the lens focal length divided by the apparent aperture of the lens. The larger the aperture, the smaller the f-stop. Ghost images Bright spots of light, often taking the shape of the aperture, which appears in the camera viewfinder or in the final photograph. Interchangeable Lens Lens designed to be readily attached to and detached from a camera Lens Speed The largest lens opening (smallest f-number) at which a lens can be set. A fast lens transmits more light and has a larger opening than a slow lens. Macro Lens A lens that provides continuous focusing from infinity to extreme close-ups, often to a reproduction ratio of 1:2 (half life-size) or 1:1 (life-size). Overexposure A condition in which too much light reaches the film, producing a dense negative or a very bright/light print or slide. Pan (Panchromatic) Designation of films that record all colors in tones of about the same relative brightness as the human eye sees in the original scene, sensitive to all visible wave-lengths. Rangefinder Instrument for measuring distances from a given point, Direct TV in Indianapolis, usually based on slightly separated views of the scene provided by mirrors or prisms. Scale. Focusing method consisting of set of marks to indicate distances at which a lens is focused. Shutter Blades, a curtain, plate, or some other movable cover in a camera that controls the time during which light reaches the film. Tone The degree of lightness or darkness in any given area of a print; also referred to as value. Variable focus lens Lens which the focal length can be continuously varied between set limits. Wide-Angle Lens A lens that has a shorter focal length and a wider field of view (includes more subject area) than a normal lens. Zoom Lens A lens in which you adjust the focal length over a wide range of focal lengths.

Famous Fashion Photographers

Famous Fashion Photographers

A Closer Look Into Style
Photographers such as Andrea Klarin, Raya, Richard Warren, Shaun Alexander and Ian Abela have developed their own style of fashion photography. This is the important thing to recognize. These artists use the camera to capture an artistic rendering of the world of fashion.

Setting Is Important
Although the subject matter is the models or the items of clothing, famous fashion photographers will incorporate a unique setting into the mix. What this does is creates a richer Read the rest of this entry »

Photographing Food: The Secrets from a Food Stylist

If you have ever seen a picture of food that made you want to eat your screen, you know just how beautiful some food pictures can be. If you enjoy cooking and would like to learn how to take beautiful pictures of your meals, you should consider following these tips.

First of all, remember that the way that you arrange your plate is essential. Although your food might taste good, it won’t look too good in your picture if you just plop it onto your plate. Therefore, you should consider scooping Read the rest of this entry »

NASA Image Photography

Photography is a great way to record our everyday lives. People take the time to take pictures of family moments, memorable places, or exciting events like concerts or parades and so on. Photography can be art as well, and today anyone can express their creativity or eye for beauty with their cameras. But sometimes, there are places and things that a camera can go above and beyond just what people experience everyday, and with the photography done by NASA, going above and beyond is quite the literal case. While taking a picture of a birthday party is Read the rest of this entry »

Have Fun With Stock Photography

Stock photography is a great and inexpensive way to jazz up many of your projects!

For personal use, add stock photography to your blog, website, or social media profiles. Finding a stock image associated with a blog topic can dress up your posts and help captivate your subscribers. It can also help entice viewers to spend a longer time perusing your website by breaking up those large blocks of text.

Are you afraid of your privacy and reluctant to post a personal photo on social media sites? Read the rest of this entry »

20th Century European Photography

Isn’t it amazing how far the world has come in technology? Why, just within the past ten years we have accomplished far more than I’m sure those from the 17th and 18 centuries ever thought possible. Well, we’ve even managed to accomplish more within the past five years than the 20th century has ever seen. I remember when the Apple computer was just a “bloom” of an idea and Microsoft was just a gleam in Bill gate’s eyes. In this article, however let’s backtrack to our recently passed brother, the 20th century to see just how far we have Read the rest of this entry »

Early American Photography

Photography collecting can be a fun and interesting hobby. This is one kind of collection that can be started on a budget. Since film cameras are no longer in use much, there are many available at garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores. Some of the more interesting models are the early box and bellows model cameras. These may be found at flea market and antique shows, and are still quite reasonable to purchase.
The better the condition the more interesting the camera will be for your collection. Inspect the camera to be sure the shutter clicks, and Read the rest of this entry »

Wireless Internet Is Great

When you take a picture you know that the best feeling in the world is being able to upload the photos and share them with other people or even sell them. That is when you should know that it is possible to take the pictures and share them right away if you have wireless internet. The problem is that many photographers do not know about this and that could lead to them not using it.

By using this you could start taking the pictures and upload them right away and see what people think of them. Then you can see what you need to change on the picture to get it just perfect to what people want to see and then you could see that they may be more likely to complete the purchase right away. Then you will not have to worry about going home to upload the pictures only to have to head back out to the same spot wasting your time and gas in the meantime.

Being able to take pictures is a great hobby for many people. However, they may not understand that if they can upload the pictures right away they could make a sale immediately, but they may also be able to make the changes right away to meet a customers needs.

Three Great Photo Printers

It’s great to take pictures and have them right at your fingertips in your digital camera; but trust us, some of them really want to get out of there and into some frames to be proudly displayed in your home or office or even to give as a gift.And just as there are seemingly endless choices when it comes to camera selections, so it seems when it comes to photo printers. To keep things simple we’re taking a look at three printers that are considered the “top three” based on overall consumer reviews spread across sites such as Amazon, and more.

  • Epson PictureMate Charm (140) has consistently earned praises from reviewers based on its excellent photo quality, ease of use, and cost efficiency on a per-print basis (it averages about 25 cents). Another revered feature is the speediness of the print function which averages just over 40 seconds per print. Included are Read the rest of this entry »

Common Questions: Digital Cameras

With the holidays fast approaching you can bet there are a lot of digital cameras on Christmas wish lists. If you’re looking at such a list but don’t know the first thing about what features to consider when it comes to selecting a model, we answer the following commonly asked questions.What is the best resolution to consider? For 4×6 inch pictures you should consider at least 0.9 megapixels; for 5×7 prints, you need at least 1.3 megapixels; for 8×10 prints, you need at least 3.0 megapixels; for 8.5×11 prints, you need at least 3.5 megapixels; and if you want to put pictures on web sites Read the rest of this entry »

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