Common Questions: Digital Cameras

With the holidays fast approaching you can bet there are a lot of digital cameras on Christmas wish lists. If you’re looking at such a list but don’t know the first thing about what features to consider when it comes to selecting a model, we answer the following commonly asked questions.What is the best resolution to consider? For 4×6 inch pictures you should consider at least 0.9 megapixels; for 5×7 prints, you need at least 1.3 megapixels; for 8×10 prints, you need at least 3.0 megapixels; for 8.5×11 prints, you need at least 3.5 megapixels; and if you want to put pictures on web sites, a 2.0 megapixel camera is recommended.Can you define ISO Speed? Sure. ISO speed refers to the film’s sensitivity to light. Higher ISO speeds are needed to take pictures in less desirable lighting conditions.How many pictures can I fit in a camera’s memory? Well, that depends. The exact number depends on the size of the memory card, the camera’s resolution, the compression quality setting, and even the type of pictures taken. It’s best to check with the camera’s specifications for a more definitive answer.What are SLR cameras? SLR stands for single lens reflex and us an important feature for more advanced photographers since it allows the user to interchange lenses for special requirements.What is shutter lag? Unfortunately, almost all digital cameras suffer from this it is a short delay (usually about one second) between the time the shutter is pushed to the time the actual picture is taken. This is problematic when taking action shots, but as mentioned, it is something that is typically unavoidable in digital photography.What’s a good price point for a non-professional use camera? There are cameras out there that exceed 1000, but for the average hobbyist who just wants to capture friends, family, and memories, you can spend as little as 100 and receive outstanding results. Before your purchase we suggest you do a little due diligence and read reviews (make certain they’re actual user reviews and not someone just “fluffing” up a site).

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