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20th Century European Photography

Isn’t it amazing how far the world has come in technology? Why, just within the past ten years we have accomplished far more than I’m sure those from the 17th and 18 centuries ever thought possible. Well, we’ve even managed to accomplish more within the past five years than the 20th century has ever seen. I remember when the Apple computer was just a “bloom” of an idea and Microsoft was just a gleam in Bill gate’s eyes. In this article, however let’s backtrack to our recently passed brother, the 20th century to see just how far we have Read the rest of this entry »

Early American Photography

Photography collecting can be a fun and interesting hobby. This is one kind of collection that can be started on a budget. Since film cameras are no longer in use much, there are many available at garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores. Some of the more interesting models are the early box and bellows model cameras. These may be found at flea market and antique shows, and are still quite reasonable to purchase.
The better the condition the more interesting the camera will be for your collection. Inspect the camera to be sure the shutter clicks, and Read the rest of this entry »