NASA Image Photography

Photography is a great way to record our everyday lives. People take the time to take pictures of family moments, memorable places, or exciting events like concerts or parades and so on. Photography can be art as well, and today anyone can express their creativity or eye for beauty with their cameras. But sometimes, there are places and things that a camera can go above and beyond just what people experience everyday, and with the photography done by NASA, going above and beyond is quite the literal case. While taking a picture of a birthday party is all well and good, every so often it’s nice to take a step back and see just how much there is out in the universe outside of our personal lives. With photos from recording equipment such as the Hubble telescope or the International Space station, we can now see breathtaking sights of galaxies and new planets and we can even see back into the past light years away. Take a look into the wonderful universe of NASA’s cosmic photography and expand your mind as well as your horizons.

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