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The man behind the Kodak camera

Since 1888, Kodak has been selling its cameras to the world. But behind Kodak is founder George Eastman’s story. Before he was the man behind the camera, he was a family man. Eastman grew up without a father, and as a result, cared for his mother and sisters. Despite all the adversities he faced, including never completing high school, Eastman created Kodak and became a success.However, the road to glory wasn’t easy for the camera maker. Eastman had been working towards his new venture as early as 1879. But when Eastman and Henry A. Strong paired up and started the Eastman Dry Plate Company, the right conditions led to groundbreaking success. The following years made history. Not only did Eastman release rolled film (1883), but also, the KODAK Camera (1888). Costing 25, the KODAK could take 100 exposures, and pictures could be printed and film replaced for 10. With such an easy system, picture taking was finally accessible for the everyday person. Read the rest of this entry »