Life Magazine’s Photography

Life Magazine has published many memorable photographs over the years. The most viewed photograph in the history of Life Magazine is a photo of Anne Frank. The photograph, which is black and white, of course, looks like a school photo of many children of the time period. In the photograph Anne Frank is 14 years old. In the photograph Anne’s eyes look extra large as she seems to be staring off into time, a time she will never experience as her life is cut short dying of typhus, in a concentration camp, just a month before it was liberated.
The second most viewed photo, in Life Magazine, is of three dead American soldiers on the beach at Papua, New Guinea, on September 20, 1943, at the request of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who wanted to stir the emotions of the American public which he felt was becoming too accepting of the war. The photo worked on the emotions of the American public, which resolved to win the war.
The third most viewed photo, in Life Magazine, is of the starvation of children in Biafra, in 1967. Photographer Don McCullin used his photography skills to encourage the world to feed the hungry children. The photo shows two children, a boy and a girl, who are suffering from Kwashiorkor, with protruding bellies, while their muscles waste away.
The fourth most viewed photo, in Life Magazine, focuses on Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963, as three blacks are pelted with a liquid battering ram, fighting for civil rights. The photo turned the attention to the blights of the civil rights movement and softened the hearts of the American public.
The fifth most viewed photo, in Life Magazine, was a United States Air Force photograph from Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945, on August 6. The photo is of the bomb that exploded on that day, and worked to educate the American public on the seriousness of what occurred on that day.