National Geographic’s Photography

The well known magazine National Geographic has been noted for producing photos from obscure and exotic locations around the world. Many of their photos taken in America have shown breath taking scenes of wilderness and rural scenes as well. Through the use of some of the best outdoor cameras on the market, their skilled photographers have shown us everything from an eagle descending upon a rabbit in the snow, to native peoples living in their traditional manner.

The lens of these master photographers have been shone upon landscapes, and vistas that would seem like they come from an alien world. However, they are real places that can be visited by the world traveler and hardy explorer.

While seeking to become a full-time photographer for National Geographic might be akin to being selected as a first round draft pick in the NBA, the concept of taking photos of nature and civilization from around the world is one that can be explored by any would-be photographer.

A 300 camera from Wal-mart might work well initially, but an individual interested in making real-life photography a profession will need to procure a powerful camera that is rugged, water resistant, and will be resistant to damage from sand and dirt. Easy cleaning is a must as well. The kind of locations a National Geographic photographer will sometimes operate in disallow easy purchase of such high-end equipment. This means that several such cameras might be required just to be certain the photographer has the right tool at that perfect moment.

The photo contests the magazine often hold are a good way to test your photographic skills. A good shot can allow for you to acquire a bit of notoriety in your craft. An excellent and unique shot will perform even better and allow much greater notoriety. In the end, get out there and see what can be captured in your lens. There are a lot of people who hire models to photograph, but no designed shot will ever compare to the type of photos that only happen once in a lifetime.