The man behind the Kodak camera

Since 1888, Kodak has been selling its cameras to the world. But behind Kodak is founder George Eastman’s story. Before he was the man behind the camera, he was a family man. Eastman grew up without a father, and as a result, cared for his mother and sisters. Despite all the adversities he faced, including never completing high school, Eastman created Kodak and became a success.However, the road to glory wasn’t easy for the camera maker. Eastman had been working towards his new venture as early as 1879. But when Eastman and Henry A. Strong paired up and started the Eastman Dry Plate Company, the right conditions led to groundbreaking success. The following years made history. Not only did Eastman release rolled film (1883), but also, the KODAK Camera (1888). Costing 25, the KODAK could take 100 exposures, and pictures could be printed and film replaced for 10. With such an easy system, picture taking was finally accessible for the everyday person. Read the rest of this entry »

Behind the lens: Alfred Eisenstaedt

Even if you don’t recognize the name Alfred Eisenstaedt, you’re definitely familiar with his pictures. Eisenstaedt is the man responsible for that infamous V-J Day in Times Square picture: the photograph which captures a soldier and a woman kissing at the end of WWII.The photographer was born in 1898 and lived in Germany up until 1935. Originally from Dirschau, West Prussia, Eisenstaedt’s Jewish beliefs would cause him to flee to America during WWII. But before he left the country, the future photographer would get a head start in his field. Read the rest of this entry »

Critsey Rowe Photography

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Critsey Rowe is a highly sought after photographer. Ever since Rowe captured her first wedding, she knew that photography was the only profession for her. And despite the years that have passed, the photographer claims she still feels the power of that first session: “this has been hundreds of weddings ago, almost ten years and I still feel the same. After every wedding I am so excited for my clients to see the images I photographed for them” (Critsey Rowe Website).But while her passion has stayed the same, Rowe’s success has only grown. The photographer has appeared regularly on WE T.V. shows: such as “Platinum Weddings” and David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding.” Rowe is also featured in the iTunes “Wedding Planning Audiocast,” and her photographs have appeared in The Knot, Destination Weddings, Weddings Unveiled, Carolina Bride, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and many other wedding publications. Read the rest of this entry »

Go Gaga for Polaroid

Over the last few years, the Polaroid Company has suffered from a string of financial difficulties. The company has filed for bankruptcy twice over the last nine years, once under the original company and once after Polaroid attempted to rebuild the business. After years of turmoil, the company decided to go gaga. . . literally. At the beginning of this year, Lady Gaga signed on as the new Creative Director.With the help of Lady Gaga, the company hopes to release a collection of new Polaroid products. The results will remain true to the company’s original cameras, but also, propel their creations into the digital era. Read the rest of this entry »

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